Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring is in the Air !!!

It is spring in A Corner Cottage...where inspiration is free! Some of our new displays have simply taken our breaths away in their simplicity and uniqueness. Our Taste Sensation allowed our friends to taste, munch, giggle and enjoy themselves while shopping or bargains. Thank you for your nice comments and for bringing your empty tummies.

Parents & Grandparents!!! We have a window full of rabbits, real grass (bring your lawnmowers, this stuff grows quickly), and a Children's Marigold Garden. We are having a marigold contest...each visiting child gets to play in the dirt while you shop, and they can plant their very own marigold seeds in a cup. Whomever has the fastest growing plant wins a prize. SHHHHH. Don't tell the kids, but they are all going to get a prize. We will run the contest through the first week of April, then select certain plantings and award prizes. We even individually call the kids to let them know how their plants are doing. So bring your kids in every week, let them plant, let them water, and watch their plants grow. At the end of he contest, they can take their plant home. There may be a photographer from the local newspaper here to take photos while you are here. Isn't this fun?!

Below is a sampling of all the new items that have arrived at the shop in the past week or so. New items are arriving daily and we change daily because of this - just the job we are good and love to do! Keep checking us out...our furniture sells quickly. New arrival date of our upholstered furniture - the second week of March.

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