Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumn has Arrived!

Hi everyone,

Don't you just love the fall weather we are having? I look out my window and see my 2 kittens jumping up and trying to catch the falling leaves. When I awake in the morning I see the remains of frost on my car. You see, I cannot park my car in the garage (much to hubby's chagrin) because of all the projects I've been collecting. I've decided to teach a new class (many of you remember I did this before and we had so much fun). I'm calling this class "REDO FROU FROU'. Now I have no idea how to spell that word but it looks and sounds good to me. I have taken so many everyday items and easily made them into a new object which will surely impress you! And the best thing is: this class is FREE! I will clear my garage and share my ideas with you. Different, easy paint techniques will be taught, too.

Sunday, October 19 from 1:00 - 2:30.....I will be walking the shop looking for objects that can be made into a new project and cleaning out my garage! (Roger may come to the class just to make sure I'm not bringing anything else home.) Feel free to bring your own unusual object (or even a photo) so that I can help you redo frou frou as inexpensively as possible. Please come and share a few laughs with us! What would really help us is if you could please call or email us and reserve a spot. This way we can prepare for everyone.

If you haven't heard - we have Halloween and fall items 25% off right now. We are also offering one of our most popular specials - spend $25 and receive a free gift from us. Can it get any better than that? We have begun Christmas decorating....slowly but surely. We certainly don't want to rush the season, but so many of you have been asking, we are complying with your wishes and decorating a little earlier than usual. Our basement is overflowing with goodies for you and my heart races in anticipation of our upcoming open house.We've kept our prices reasonable as always and limited our quantities this year. You know, its been a tough year for all and we are right there with you looking for bargains and surprises. Give us a try again!

We have a new booth vendor and you are going to love her style. She can take any old thing and put it together - her booth looks like a magazine photo. And true to form - all of our vendors are striving to bring you quality and reasonable prices. We have new painted furniture and many one of a kind items which will decorate beautifully. I've been told we've got lots of vintage Christmas treasures coming in by Nov. 7. Thanks always to all of our employees/vendors/friends. We KNOW we couldn't have this shop without you. We have 5 new employees so stop in to say hello and watch their smiles shine back at you.
Mark your calendars now:

October 19 - NEW CLASS

November 7, 8 and 9 CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE

Let's see what's new:

*Like I said, frost in on the pumpkin and your feet are bound to be cold. These fuzzy slippers will cure those goosebumps for you. We had these last year and sold out......what a great gift for anyone!

*Sage green your thing? This cupboard is painted with 2 shades of sage green and I want to keep this! Lots of storage space and drawers.

*Light up your Life" with these special, stained glass night lights.

*Still a good selection of Halloween/fall remaining. Won't last long, though.

*Country, country, country. Add some of these items to any home decor.

*New jewelry! Glitter and glisten with new bling.