Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just look at these little cuties, planting seeds for ACC's marigold garden.


Don't forget to attend our Rock and Roll in the 50's event on March 20, 21, and 22. Lots of fun things happening - sales, prizes, dancing, and Elvis will be in the building! You do believe he is alive, don't you? See you there during our regular store hours.


Just a reminder Crazy Peggy is teaching a FREE "Mumbo Jumbo" decorating class on March 29th from 2pm - 3pm. Watch Peggy transform and repurpose many items and give lots of easy decorating tips. This is another way we choose to give back to our customers by offering a few fun things to do during this hard financial year. Visit, stay for an hour and leave feeling good, filled with decorating ideas for your home.


Here at A Corner Cottage you know we strive to give back to others in our community. For this month, we have designed an all pink window in honor of our friends with breast cancer. Breast cancer has hit one of our own and we are battling right along with her. These windows are called "Paint the Town Pink" and support the fight against breast cancer. For our Rock and Roll event we will be offering handmade milk shakes, asking for a donation and sending all the money to breast cancer research. Thanks for your help in this important fight.

We are always collecting canned goods and meats for our local food pantries. Thanks to you, we were able to donate a check from our last event to the Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County. This is another great group who helps all in need.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

As you know we operate on smiles in our wonderful shop, not negatives. However, at this time I am asking a favor from any of you willing to fight for our downtown merchants. Recently our Noblesville Planning Committee passed some new ordinances regarding business signage and sidewalk sandwich boards. Our own shop has been cited two different times, each with a deadline for my changes, and a threat of appearing in our courts. My first charge was that I needed to remove the wheelbarrow from the side of my building. This antique piece has attracted much attention throughout the past 7 years and we gave cuttings of many of its flowers to our many customers. My second issue occurred this week and they now want me to remove my pink washtub which is normally filled with seasonal flowers and also my vertical antique sign which says "ANTIQUES" which is screwed to the wall of my shop (outside). Photo below. Mr. Huntley told me that since I have the audacity of having signage on the front of my shop, then I am not allowed to have a sign which says antiques. The rule previously was that you could put anything on your windows such as banners, etc., but if you placed them on the outside of the building you would be fined and needed to file for a sign permit. The sign actually is all of 5/8" deep, sits flat upon my wall. The laundry basin which holds flowers is not as deep as the benches the city itself placed and their city flower planters.

I am finally mad enough to call the Mayor, John Ditslear, twice in one day, the Director of Planning for Noblesville, Steven Huntley, and the local newspaper reporter who just happened to walk in while I was doing these things to interview me for my opinion of these poor new ordinances. (God does have a funny way of putting people in the right place at the right time, doesn't He?) As you can see from the photo, I don't feel that anything we have done on the outside of the building could be considered an eyesore. Many of our fellow merchants are being forced to remove table and chairs from restaurant fronts, antique bicycles with flowers in its basket had to be removed, sandwich boards from restaurants are cited. Restaurants need these boards for their everyday specials. A local kid's bookstore is not allowed to let bicycling children who visit her store to leave their bicycles in the front of her store.

While I usually mind my own business and just try to make my shop the best it can be, I have finally got enough furor to react. I sat right down and wrote a letter to the local editor of our paper. I am in the process of writing another one. I am going to be interviewed by the reporter this coming week. I am writing and calling my City Councilmen. In these hard times for retail, people and life itself, I feel this is petty stuff and should be changed immediately. The downtown merchants are signing petitions and sticking together in this matter.

If you so choose, could you pick up the phone, call or write the people listed below, the business downtown would be appreciative. The new sign ordinances and sidewalk laws are an outrage and that's really all you have to say. There is no need to leave your name, just your displeasure in the new ordinances. I am so afraid that the powers that be are removing our uniqueness of our downtown in an already difficult world. Thank you so much if you wish to express and opinion.


A proud shop owner!!
Brian Ayer, Councilman & also my landlord
Mayor John Ditslear
16 S. 10th St
Noblesville, IN 46060
Steven Huntley
Dept. of Planning
16 S. 10th St.
Noblesville, IN 46060
Spring is in the Air !!!

It is spring in A Corner Cottage...where inspiration is free! Some of our new displays have simply taken our breaths away in their simplicity and uniqueness. Our Taste Sensation allowed our friends to taste, munch, giggle and enjoy themselves while shopping or bargains. Thank you for your nice comments and for bringing your empty tummies.

Parents & Grandparents!!! We have a window full of rabbits, real grass (bring your lawnmowers, this stuff grows quickly), and a Children's Marigold Garden. We are having a marigold contest...each visiting child gets to play in the dirt while you shop, and they can plant their very own marigold seeds in a cup. Whomever has the fastest growing plant wins a prize. SHHHHH. Don't tell the kids, but they are all going to get a prize. We will run the contest through the first week of April, then select certain plantings and award prizes. We even individually call the kids to let them know how their plants are doing. So bring your kids in every week, let them plant, let them water, and watch their plants grow. At the end of he contest, they can take their plant home. There may be a photographer from the local newspaper here to take photos while you are here. Isn't this fun?!

Below is a sampling of all the new items that have arrived at the shop in the past week or so. New items are arriving daily and we change daily because of this - just the job we are good and love to do! Keep checking us out...our furniture sells quickly. New arrival date of our upholstered furniture - the second week of March.