Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends, its that time again - The Times (wonderful local newspaper) is hosting its Reader's Choice Awards again. Ballots are online only If you see fit, we'd love to have your votes for any category you see fit. The paper says you can vote early and as many times as you want to. We always appreciate the attention you give us, so many thanks!

Remember to visit our Facebook & Twitter page for wonderful photos of the store! We update almost daily!!!!

We've been spit shining the shop and now we need to fill it with surprises for all of you! Off to Atlanta for the buying market tomorrow! Any wish lists from you? Let me know today. I'll think of all of you as I buy. 

Hugs always, Peggy

How about some before & After shots of some of our work we have been doing:

BEFORE: Cleared out for cleaning and painting!

AFTER: Filled back in with beautiful jewelry & accessories!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wanted: Your ugly furniture!!!

Do you own some old, outdated furniture that you would like redone? We are looking for those "special" pieces that you just don't have a clue what to do with, and we will feature it on our blog and facebook. We will let customers and fans vote for
the "ugliest" piece and that piece will then be featured in a window of our shop for a makeover. Each day we will work, sand, paint, remove & restore this piece until it becomes a thing of coveted beauty. Then you may opt to keep it or sell it to highest bidder. Won't this be fun? We will let customers and fans vote for the "ugliest" 3 items of furniture and accessories.................categories of small items such as a shelf or chair; medium items such as an end table or dining table; larger items like a cupboard , dresser, desk, etc.
Don't fret - your names won't be used.
February 1 is the deadline so begin to think of those pieces sitting in your garage taking up space and let us work our magic for you! We can't wait to see what you come up with. Please submit furniture that doesn't need major construction work - such as in 15 pieces of wood in a box - we don't have that talent. February 1!!!!!
So, don't be embarassed - take a photo today and send
it to