Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of May, New goodies for June!

Close up view of Floral Design

If you never have enough closet space, add this beautiful piece to your home!  Tall, deep, has a rod for clothing and fine carved detail on the front.  What a find!  Another must have?  Don't share this with your husband or your kids.  Just thinking - how about a crafting cupboard, ready and waiting for your stored supplies.  *SOLD*

Whose little gal is going to serve tea on this little table?  You are about to see a catfight between some grandmothers in our shop after this post.  We will post those photos, too! 
 Tee Hee!

This little table looks just adorable with the rest of the child's furniture. All of this together makes such a great set!!
Okay.....could I just catch the flu or some other ailment so that my family can serve me tea and crumpets on a fancy shmancy wicker tray?  This tray would be so cute resting on your spare bedroom bed waiting for guests with grandmother's cup and saucer and a good romance novel.  Did I mention that if a piece of chocolate could be put on that tray, I'm all yours for the weekend.

"Oh you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two"......oops - we actually have two bicycles, but since the song fit, I decided to use it to my advantage.  Girls, you can spray paint these wonderful bicycles in any color, place the bike  in your yard with a floral basket hanging from it, and impress your whole neighborhood.  Hard to find, but we found them.

This two tiered red enamel table is a wonderful find for all those red lovers.  Use this table as an island in your kitchen, a garden table on your porch (just hose the dirt off); a serving table for your patio/deck.  I love it when one piece can serve so many purposes...when you get tired of a kitchen island, move it into another room.

A nice-sized square dining table with two leaves!  Oh the company you can entertain with this beauty.  Oak, heavy and oh, so grand.

Very seldom do we leave our furniture unpainted but why destroy a perfectly stained piece......think of placing this in an entry way with drawers filled with gloves, mittens and scarves, set a lamp on top, add Grandma's old platter to hold keys;   how about extra storage in a bathroom?;  in a dining room to hold all your linens.  And the list goes on and on and on.

Yummy!  On all these rainy days, we all NEED to see a sunny yellow chair with floral fabric placed on the seat.  Place this at your kitchen desk, then smile. Paying those bills wouldn't be so hard if you sit in a yellow chair.

A cute, perfect little sidetable - shabby, of course!  Great size. great finish, great price.

Need a small cabinet for a small space?  This little beauty wins my heart with its size, character and numerous ways to use it.  In my bathroom I could display my towels folded so nicely (does that ever happen?);  as a bedside table in a girlie room filled with the alarm clock, books, water.  Let your imagination roam. Catch the detail added to make this piece even more special.

A scooter, in  good shape but faded to a great "old' red.  You don't have to ride it, but you could hang it on your wall and place a vintage framed photo on the step.  Wouldn't that look so cute?  Your own unique display.

Mailbox.   I know some of you are not old enough to remember how this tin box was used.  Believe it or not, its an old milk box, formerly placed on your porch and filled with gallons of milk from the delivery milkman.  Amazing to me its actually been that long ago. New uses for this hard to find prize:  hang on the wall with garden flowers sprouting out of the top ( you know what else?  Put the florals in a glass canning jar, place canning jar in the tin box, and voila' you are a decorator).  Sorry I got sidetracked.  I could see this sitting on your kitchen counter or home desk holding those dreadful bills and letters.  How about as you come in the front door, filled with umbrellas? 

Special painted stool by our friend Christine.  Add to your vanity, or kitchen island for an extra pop. Amazing what one accent piece can do to your decor.

Try using one of our battery candles inside our canister and watch your table, mantle, shelf come to life.  Beautiful!  Simple!

"Keep Calm and Carry On".  How appropriate this is for any home.  Just remember to listen to what the sign says. When is the last time you were calm?

Ohhhhhhh Marilyn, and our wonderful reproduction couture designs.  What an accent these could be in any bathroom (yes, a black and white bathroom would be wonderful w/old subway tile......when can I begin this project?),  in a bedroom (how romantic) and so beautifully done, tied with a ribbon.  You are going to fall in love with the 50's again.

A Corner Cottage inspired Tee Shirt

  Want to make a big splash when you attend your graduation party, 500 picnic, or going to the movies?  Just in!  These oh-so-soft t'shirts with the most wonderful designs.  Owls, glitzy chandeliers.......what shall you wear? How do you choose?  Picked with you in mind.

We continue to enjoy the creative  workings of our typewriter friend, Kama.  Necklaces, bracelets, hair barettes, and many pieces of reused parts jewelry.We can take special orders on the  vintage letters so don't be dismayed if your "initial" isn't in stock.  Remember these are original typewriter parts, not reproduction pieces.

Brad's prints.  Brad Cook continues to hold us spell bound as he always know what old memory to paint next.  Today we sold 12 of his prints to one person.  Friends stand in his booth and reminisce loudly.  Some share that they "made out"  at certain Noblesville locations and sometimes share more than we need to know!  His prints are updated at least monthly.

So many new things coming in daily!!! Stop in to see us, and remember we post new product frequently on Facebook! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely Vintage

Indiana has been experiencing flooding as we've had so much rain. While I enjoy the smell of the spirng rains, we are all so ready for the sunshine. Today it is bright and sunny and I gifted myself with shopping each and every nook and cranny of several flea markets, antique malls, garage sales and such. It was so good to be out and about and dreaming about ideas for A Corner Cottage. At my house we have had our hardwood floors redone this past week. I have never had such dust and burning nostrils with the smell of varnish and stain, and yet - the end result is beautiful. I can look at the sunshine filtering through the clean windows and think.....ahhhhhh spring - the renewal of life. Oh, how we need that sunshine. We hope when you enter our wonderful shop you feel renewed with ideas. Welcome to your inspiration.....visit soon.

I love this chicken feeder.  Use this at your backdoor to hold boots and mittens - no one else will have one!  Outside in the garden and plant flowers in it.  We're going to store our braided rugs in this unique piece.  The possibilities are endless and that's why we bought it.

Okay, I am a sucker for anything with cubbies or compartments.  Wouldn't this look cute setting on a counter with apples in one compartment, a cookbook in another, and napkins in the last?  Or on your dining table with florals in each?  Now my head is rolling with ideas.  You come up with your own ideas and share them with us.

Can't you just see the little grandpa who stood in his workshop and crafted this old metal caddy with two compartments?  Definitely handmade, definitely one of a kind.  See the above information about me and my compartment fetish.  Love it!
See this wonderful teal dresser and I covet it.  I tell you I covet it!  Look at that mirror.  Love the color, too.  It can be yours today! Great for a teenagers room, too.  Lots of storage in those large drawers. 

   My head is rolling with ideas.  Are you lucky enough to have a crafts workroom?  If so, then this table is for you!  Two layers of paint - teal/white - and what a statement this piece makes.  It even has a fun ledge so the cats cannot knock your work off the top.  (Wonder why I need to say that?)  A great shop display piece?  You dream it, you've got it!

Close up view of table

Oh my goodness, I saw this, had to have it, and don't want to sell it.  Unique old wooden crate with - you guessed it - compartments or shelves.  Can be displayed in two different ways - top ways or side ways.  Still you have compartments!

All I could see when buying this was how I needed this piece for an umbrella stand.  Or tall flowers from your garden.  Share ideas.

Here we go again.....this tool caddy had so many different features I felt it was unique and handworn.  I seem to always have a sense of memories when I find old stuff like this......both sets of my grandparents were farmers and I just know they had a tool caddy that looked like this.  Timeworn...what else?

Inside of tool caddy

You will be the only one on the block with this wonderful centerpiece for your table.  Place a battery candle in the wire, add some greenery and you have just made a statement, girls.  Easy as pie.

 I found this nasty desk which did not have a drawer in the top.  Why trash a piece such as this?  Three coats of paint, two baskets, strategically tied ribbon and voila!  Cute, cute, cute!

Cubby on top of desk has SOLD.
Desk is still available.
This is just the right  size for an entry way, kitchen, family room or your choice.  I call this a Lady's desk because it is just right for scribbling a note or paying a bill.  Ugh - sorry I said that!   Stack the cubby displayer on top and you have a place to keep all of your office supplies, sewing supplies, again, the possibilities are endless.

It takes a long time to find authentic locker baskets and when we see them, we buy them.  Can't you find a use for these? 

Oh the crackle on this piece is never to be copied.....its natural.  I love it.  Lots of storage in so little of a space.  It should be yours! 
                                        Close up view of the crackle paint.

I can see this wonderfully crackled blue bench displayed on your porch with flowers in  baskets and a quilt.  Just the right size for an entry way, too.

Aren't these the cutest flower boxes ever?  I was overjoyed when I found these! Hang a wreath or a framed picture on the screen, display real flowers in the box.  Highlight your porch with this piece, or stand in your garden.  Darling!  Two sizes!

OMG!  As you know, red is my most favorite thing in the world besides my hubby and kids.  This is so unique and I wanted to share it with you. (I am told repeatedly, we don't need another thing in or house....however, this is to your advantage).  The shelves are ripe for decorating with books, rag dolls, dishes, whatever your heart desires.

Oh, the elegance of this fireplace mantel.  Its in perfect shape and I love it!  Can't you just see this placed on a wall in your bedroom.   You don't have to have a working fireplace to make a statement, but you will be able to make a HUGE statement with this beauty.

I so love the crackled paint on this mantel.  Perfect condition with the exception of a few nails which need to be pulled out.  Again, you cannot create crackling such as this - only age can do that.  A must have for our chippy friends.

    Use these on your porch filled with fresh florals or inside with articles.  What a great look, a great price.  Add a bird nest, used or new, and a feather, and you have just the look others will admire.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New for May

  Just in time to kick off the race season - black and white at its best.  Shiny black mirrors, crystal chandeliers, a large black buffet to accent any room.  Lots of storage and ideas here.  We're trying to win a contest with this window.  Maybe, just maybe. 

See the wonderful old decanters Tim has been collecting.  Black and white is always classy and never goes out of style. 

Read a magazine and you are bound to find at least two photos of anything and everything french.  We have joined the ranks in a small way (we prefer to blend this look into our everyday objects) with furniture, curtains, rugs, you name it.  This look is not only popular, but is not expensive to achieve and can be a traditional look for your home. If you don't want to fill a whole room with black and burlap, try adding a curtain touch like we did.  It suddenly changes the look of any of your own furniture immediately.  I just love the french scripted words used on all these curtains and pillows.  Very in, very needed.


Back by popular demand - our practically priced black box signage.  Say anything you want easily and handily with these great signs.  We've seen adult men read these and weep, so you can imagine how we react.  You and everyone else will want one of these accent signs.

 Tea for two and two for you!  Cups and saucers for that hard to buy for gal.  Beautiful! 
The boxes they come in are adorable too! 

We've got the miniatures for making your own garden plus pots, dirt and inspiration.  Very unique, definitely one of a kind.

Introducing our new t-shirts! These tees are adorable!! Perfect for any age. Handmade here in the USA these tees are great quality, very soft, and lightweight. The baby blue floral peace sign tee would be perfect for summer. The white colorful owl tee is cute and fun, owls are so popular right now! Come in and see these for yourself, you will love them. 
(More styles are coming, some with a vintage look.)