Friday, June 12, 2009

I must apologize to all for not updating our blog for a while. Family business came first. Our Chandra had ANOTHER tumor (benign) removed from her neck. Remember, she had this last summer also. Then, my Mom, Gigi to most of you, fell while taking her healthy walk around her neighborhood and fractured her cheekbone. She ended up having surgery two weeks ago and is finally doing fine. She is not seeing double and her energy level is slowly coming back. We sure want the old Gigi back, but even at 83 years old she continues to surprise us with her willpower. We are so blessed, aren't we?


We are making this so easy for you! Johnston Benchworks allows us to host two furniture sales a year on its upholstered furniture. Many of you have sat, coveted, touched, felt, and made yourselves comfortable on the many floor samples we have in stock. For a limited time, our floor samples are an additional 10% off (remember we already offer 20% off manufacturer's suggested retail price). If you choose to select a special order piece, you will receive an automatic 30% off your order at purchase. What are you waiting for? We are in the shop ready and willing to help you design your own piece.


Our pink vintage furniture is flying out of the store so quickly that we cannot even design a window around it! Our shades of pink would certainly make a statement with some of our upholstered pieces. While we are out scrounging every flea market, dive and oddball places to find the very best vintage, we can attempt to find a piece just for you, and paint it any color you like. Just bring us a sample of fabric or paint chip and we will do the rest. We offer this service because we CAN! This offer can be used for most pieces already in the shop, too. Just ask.


Okay. Confession time. I found these magnificent canvases in January at our buying market. I fell in love with their wonderful inspirational, simple sayings, and their background colors which would match any wall. I placed the order and canceled three different times because they were just so different. Once again, Friends, you proved us right. Aren't' they wonderfully different? Can't you think of 10 people to gift?


You can't have read a magazine in the past few months without noticing that old clock faces (as my grandmother would have said, "Who the heck would buy an old clock face without the hands and one that doesn't work?" Besides loving EVERYTHING about these items, I live the fact that these clocks could be featured in any room of your house - including the bathroom. For very little money, you can make a distinct look, then as you find more faces add to your collection.


We have all sorts of new baubles in the shop right now. We have stone and beaded jewelry ion all colors to go with everything. According to our expert, Jamie, Nancy bought these great blingy (huh?) huge flower rings that are so reasonable and in the greatest colors. After Jamie told me how popular they are, I saw some duplicates of our jewelry in a fashion catalog for $49! Are you kidding me?


Nob. Main St. has asked downtown merchants to decorate a window using red, white and blue for July 4th and then asking customers to vote for their favorite window. Because we are moved to tears at the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner, all the ACC gals not only consented but went out of their way to present true colors. Our hearts beat strong with love for our country, our soldiers, our Christianity, our freedom. If you cannot get into the store to vote, please remember all the troops for their sacrifices for all of us. Happy July 4th to all!


Many merchants in downtown Noblesville are hosting a promotion that certainly will charm you. Each participating shop will offer a FREE charm, (with a minimum purchase) that closely resembles the aura of that shop. We are keeping our charm selection a secret. The charm event begins June 18 and for us runs through June 30. By shopping at all the different stores downtown, you will end up with a filled charm bracelet. Doesn't this sound like too much fun? We even have a new jeweler in town who will place all your charms on your bracelet for free! Don't you just love that word? Look for more information in local newspapers, or windows, and right here. We hope you will visit us as your charm collection grows.

* We keep a running list for our blogspot, constant contact and our postcards? By spending just $20 a year, you are automatically kept on this list.

* We give FREE decorating advice every day of the week to YOU! We can create 5 different things to do with one item and share it with you.

* Peggy is planning a Lampshade Decorating Class very soon. Please call the shop for more details. There will be a minimal fee for supplies.

* Peggy is planning a FREE Decorating Class very soon. We've been told she is crazy in these classes but the information provided is invaluable! No kidding.

* A commercial sponsored by the Hamilton County Convention and Visitor's Bureau was filmed in our shop. Commercial will be shown mostly in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Kentucky. We were so thrilled!

* ACC donates a portion of all proceeds from every event we host back to a charity of our choice. This feels so good!
* We offer free gift wrapping every day.

* We have the cutest gift certificates you've ever seen. When in doubt, give a gift certificate.

* A Corner Cottage - where inspiration is ALWAYS free.

* We just wouldn't be able to run this shop without our friends and staff and customers. Thank you all!