Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amazing what our wonderful friends have come up with for this season.
Santa, I want EVERYTHING!

Thanks to all who are helping others by bringing in massive amounts of food and non perishable items for our local friends. This has been so successful that we will probably make this a yearly project.
Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting a new friend in the shop, Nancy. Nancy required a little bit of extra help and the right people just happened to be here to help her. When making her final purchases, Nancy said to me "I feel as if I lit into a nest of angels when I came to visit this shop". Now, I am not here to state that we are angels by any stretch of the imagination, but I think you can see that we put our hearts in to everything we do. Our goal is to honor people, help the community, and to inspire our friends and customers. Nancy thinks we do and so do I! I make it a special point to surround myself with the most amazing employees, vendors (who are now our dearest and bestest friends) and our wonderful customers. That truly is the difference between an adequate shop and an amazing place to be.
Thank you, dear friends, colleagues, customers, old and young, for allowing us to be the best we can be. We will not forget who helped us achieve these goals.
Blessings to you all! Peggy and Staff

A Corner Cottage is on WISHTV!!!

We were pleased as punch to be contacted by Channel 8 last week with a request to film Dick Wolfsie's Sunday morning segments from our wonderful shop. Sooooo, Sunday I wake up at the crack of dawn, drive to the shop, bake the cookies and turn on the spiced cider. While doing all my tasks, I look out the window to the largest, freshest, one of a kind snowflakes falling and had to take a quick breath - the beauty of the snow in the dark, falling upon all the lights and the old buildings located in our historic downtown. If that doesn't make us feel blessed, I don't know what will.
Cindy Kirby, the Noblesville Downtown Parade organizer, was here and so was David Boudia, Noblesville's own Olympic swimmer. And of course, Dick. I cannot believe how many friends have called this week to let us know they saw us on the big screen. I was able to perform as Vanna White as I pointed out specialty items in the store. Gosh, I think I might have found my second calling. Anyway, barring the technical difficulties of two of the four segments, we had a great time and more than a few laughs.
Please note: During First Friday in Downtown Noblesville Dec. 5, our new friend, Dick Wolfsie, will be signing his books in our shop! Now, we've never done this before, but we are excited to take another new adventure. If you don't want Dick's books, just come to meet and greet. He's crazier than we are! Really! All proceeds from his book go to "Never Too Late" which is a charity that grants wishes to senior citizens. How cool is that?
We are having a huge sale this weekend, too. 40% (yes, 40%!) off any one item not antique or vintage and 20% off of all the remaining products in the shop. Very few restrictions apply. Save some money, have some fun and visit us!