Friday, August 10, 2007


Oh my goodness! What a birthday party we had!! Thanks to the many many friends who came to the shop for bargains and to celebrate our 5th birthday party. This undoubtedly was our best party yet, and we cleared the shelves to get ready for our next season.

Many, many heartfelt thanks to those of you who have supported our little shop for 5 years and for our new found friends. We have strived for perfection in customer service. All efforts are always made to keep our prices reasonable. And we always look forward to hearing your input. You are all an inspiration to us and we hope you have fond thoughts of us as our items enter your homes. Friends...that's what you all have become and we are forever grateful for your friendships. That's what this shop wanted from the first day it opened and we feel we have finally done it! All of you are our inspiration - every day.

You should see what we have arriving in the store on a daily basis! It is so fun to open the boxes and think of which friend we know who will come in and go 'crazy' for a certain item. Attending the gift shows is the most tiring job we have, but it is worth so much to see the look of delight on your faces as you realize a picture or shelf will look just right on a wall in your own home. We bought lots of home decor, bling bling, some new gourmet items, cuter baby stuff, and lots of fall and Christmas! Oh, are we out to impress you this year!!!

Our hearts go out to all our friends who are experiencing health problems at this time. You know we keep you in our thoughts and prayers and check on you all the time, but we want you to know we are always here for you. Prayers do get answered!! We know this firsthand!!

Please stay tuned for pictures of new items and updates on the shop.

Thanks for making A Corner Cottage become the best it can be!


Peggy, Marsha, Nancy, Nina, Joann, Erin, & Megan

Thursday, August 2, 2007

After our fabulously busy birthday party, we are wiped out! However, we are getting new shipments in daily full of fun items! A Corner Cottage gets better every day! :-)