Sunday, August 16, 2009

Those of you who know us well also know that nothing ever stays the same in A Corner Cottage. I know I am ADD and when I get that urge to decorate, the shop becomes a shambles and then goes through the most amazing transformation - our ugly duckling becomes a swan once again. We have spent the past week redoing, painting, scrubbing, adding, subtracting, sweating, crying, helping our wonderful customers, and we're almost done! Notice the key word here - almost. This job is never ending and I am so lucky to get up in the morning to perform my lifelong dream. Thank you for helping make that possible!

Lately, we just don't know what is going on, but we are selling furniture as if we are manufacturing it. Several of us are constantly in motion trying to find the best pieces, then fix, paint, and finish these most unique pieces. We have dirt under our fingernails, carpel tunnel has set in, maybe even arthritis - and yet, this group keeps right on creating. At least our addiction is legal! It's difficult to take photos of our new finds as they disappear before Erin can get this on the internet. That is good for us but not so good for you. I always promise I will update more often, but sometimes it just cannot be done as I cannot do another thing. Now that school has begun, we are back to spelling words and multiplication and division at our house. So, I will make every attempt to let you know what is happening at our cottage whenever I can.

Our dear friend, Colleen, lost her 12 year battle with ovarian cancer last month. We have been selling her watercolored greeting cards for several years, and Jane Younce (still doing her important work from heaven) introduced us. Colleen gave her all in fighting this disease, but perhaps most importantly, getting the word out about the hidden symptoms to all of us. Someday there will be a cure and Colleen and Jane will be in heaven shouting for joy. We will miss her! All of the money for her sales was and will be donated to the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer. Our friend Nancy passed away also last month. Although she was a relatively new customer to us, she certainly made an impression on all of us. Her family has lost their matriarch and we have lost an angel/friend. Goodbye to our dear friend.

We have all kinds of news about the group here at ACC: Stephanie will be leaving us to attend Taylor University; Erin is going to give her little Wesley a new brother or sister; Marsha's daughter, Michelle, had cancer surgery this week, and while in pain, she is certainly being a trooper (thanks for the prayers always). We have a new addition - Terri -who is one of our most talented members. She can find, paint, sand, eat and sleep while painting and sweating over each new piece she finds. Her laugh is contagious and when she walks in the door we begin to laugh. There are several people here who do that to us! When we call Terri to tell her an item has sold, she practically squeals in delight. Say hello to her. She's a retired teacher so you must feel a little sorry for her.

We have a new friend, Chantel, who is probably about 14 and a member of a 4-H club in Tipton. Chantal walked in one Sunday afternoon and was looking for an item to enter into the local fair, and one on which to display her handmade Grandma's mix, which was part of her project. After searching for a few minutes, we settled upon the cutest child's hutch that Nancy found. As you can see from the photos, not only are we so proud of her for winning the grand championship, we are completely enamored of her wonderful display piece. We are so proud of her and her hard work. We told her she was the most deserving of all and now she gets to have her piece at the Indiana State Fair! Look for her cupboard there. Believe it or not, many young girls love to shop here. Now we know why! It's darling girls like Chantel that will keep this old world going strong. Congratulations and thank you to our award winning friend, Chantel.

Thought you would like an update on our sign/sidewalk ordinance. Yes, we are now allowed to pay and apply for a permit for both our sidewalk and our banners and our outside sandwich board. Photos must be taken, permits filed and approved, waiting for the signal that we can now dress our shops with some character. However, in order to even begin this process we must take out a million dollar liability policy with our name and the city's name on it, which ends up costing each one of the merchants at least another $600-900 twice a year. None of us have that kind of extra cash so that is why you don't see toooo many changes being made. I have come to terms with this - notice I didn't say I liked it or approved - and it has just made me more determined to make A Corner Cottage the best it can be in spite of the obstacles put in our place. Thanks to all who have written, called, and given us the confidence to keep going.

Now, enjoy all the new items we've photographed for you. Visit us soon and always, always, let us know what we can do for you! Happy shopping.