Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely Vintage

Indiana has been experiencing flooding as we've had so much rain. While I enjoy the smell of the spirng rains, we are all so ready for the sunshine. Today it is bright and sunny and I gifted myself with shopping each and every nook and cranny of several flea markets, antique malls, garage sales and such. It was so good to be out and about and dreaming about ideas for A Corner Cottage. At my house we have had our hardwood floors redone this past week. I have never had such dust and burning nostrils with the smell of varnish and stain, and yet - the end result is beautiful. I can look at the sunshine filtering through the clean windows and think.....ahhhhhh spring - the renewal of life. Oh, how we need that sunshine. We hope when you enter our wonderful shop you feel renewed with ideas. Welcome to your inspiration.....visit soon.

I love this chicken feeder.  Use this at your backdoor to hold boots and mittens - no one else will have one!  Outside in the garden and plant flowers in it.  We're going to store our braided rugs in this unique piece.  The possibilities are endless and that's why we bought it.

Okay, I am a sucker for anything with cubbies or compartments.  Wouldn't this look cute setting on a counter with apples in one compartment, a cookbook in another, and napkins in the last?  Or on your dining table with florals in each?  Now my head is rolling with ideas.  You come up with your own ideas and share them with us.

Can't you just see the little grandpa who stood in his workshop and crafted this old metal caddy with two compartments?  Definitely handmade, definitely one of a kind.  See the above information about me and my compartment fetish.  Love it!
See this wonderful teal dresser and I covet it.  I tell you I covet it!  Look at that mirror.  Love the color, too.  It can be yours today! Great for a teenagers room, too.  Lots of storage in those large drawers. 

   My head is rolling with ideas.  Are you lucky enough to have a crafts workroom?  If so, then this table is for you!  Two layers of paint - teal/white - and what a statement this piece makes.  It even has a fun ledge so the cats cannot knock your work off the top.  (Wonder why I need to say that?)  A great shop display piece?  You dream it, you've got it!

Close up view of table

Oh my goodness, I saw this, had to have it, and don't want to sell it.  Unique old wooden crate with - you guessed it - compartments or shelves.  Can be displayed in two different ways - top ways or side ways.  Still you have compartments!

All I could see when buying this was how I needed this piece for an umbrella stand.  Or tall flowers from your garden.  Share ideas.

Here we go again.....this tool caddy had so many different features I felt it was unique and handworn.  I seem to always have a sense of memories when I find old stuff like this......both sets of my grandparents were farmers and I just know they had a tool caddy that looked like this.  Timeworn...what else?

Inside of tool caddy

You will be the only one on the block with this wonderful centerpiece for your table.  Place a battery candle in the wire, add some greenery and you have just made a statement, girls.  Easy as pie.

 I found this nasty desk which did not have a drawer in the top.  Why trash a piece such as this?  Three coats of paint, two baskets, strategically tied ribbon and voila!  Cute, cute, cute!

Cubby on top of desk has SOLD.
Desk is still available.
This is just the right  size for an entry way, kitchen, family room or your choice.  I call this a Lady's desk because it is just right for scribbling a note or paying a bill.  Ugh - sorry I said that!   Stack the cubby displayer on top and you have a place to keep all of your office supplies, sewing supplies, again, the possibilities are endless.

It takes a long time to find authentic locker baskets and when we see them, we buy them.  Can't you find a use for these? 

Oh the crackle on this piece is never to be copied.....its natural.  I love it.  Lots of storage in so little of a space.  It should be yours! 
                                        Close up view of the crackle paint.

I can see this wonderfully crackled blue bench displayed on your porch with flowers in  baskets and a quilt.  Just the right size for an entry way, too.

Aren't these the cutest flower boxes ever?  I was overjoyed when I found these! Hang a wreath or a framed picture on the screen, display real flowers in the box.  Highlight your porch with this piece, or stand in your garden.  Darling!  Two sizes!

OMG!  As you know, red is my most favorite thing in the world besides my hubby and kids.  This is so unique and I wanted to share it with you. (I am told repeatedly, we don't need another thing in or house....however, this is to your advantage).  The shelves are ripe for decorating with books, rag dolls, dishes, whatever your heart desires.

Oh, the elegance of this fireplace mantel.  Its in perfect shape and I love it!  Can't you just see this placed on a wall in your bedroom.   You don't have to have a working fireplace to make a statement, but you will be able to make a HUGE statement with this beauty.

I so love the crackled paint on this mantel.  Perfect condition with the exception of a few nails which need to be pulled out.  Again, you cannot create crackling such as this - only age can do that.  A must have for our chippy friends.

    Use these on your porch filled with fresh florals or inside with articles.  What a great look, a great price.  Add a bird nest, used or new, and a feather, and you have just the look others will admire.

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