Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank you Hamilton County customers!
A Corner Cottage was voted #1 Antique/Gift store in the county by you - our wonderful friends. What an honor this is for us. We are constantly striving to find the most wonderful items for you at the very best prices. In these difficult economic times, we know shopping is not of uppermost importance, but you arrive in our shop with smiles on your faces and we strive to make that smile brighter as you leave. We are finding that our hearts feel better when we are giving back to others in need, and, as always, all of you dear people help us do that, too.

We hope you always feel appreciated by us... we know we couldn't do this without you. And we know we couldn't even begin to keep this shop running without the dearest people listed below. Thank you for your vote, your support and your confidence in us!

Peggy, Nancy, Marsha, Joann, Erin, Becky, Jamie, Stephanie, Gigi, Lisa, Linda, Sandy, Connie, Deb, Craig, and Monica.

Mark your calendars now!
Our Taste Sensation!!
Feb. 20 and 21 10am - 5pm
Feb. 22 12:30pm - 4pm

* We are continuing to collect foods all year for our local food pantries.

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