Monday, November 14, 2011

I think I have walked into the village of vintage homes.....complete with the little kids and snowmen to let your imagination soar.  I love these and they are so easy to put out and pick up after Christmas.  Many paper mache houses are battery operated and the others are electric.  They sparkle, and with the lights dimmed, you can make up your own stories about the parties taking place in each home and the hymns being sung in the church.  These will be keepsakes to pass onto your children for years to come.  Begin your tradition this year.

Silver & Sparkles!  What an amazing combination.  Add any of our houses, Santa's, snowmen and birds in the glitter of the season.  We have battery candles in silver, garlands in sparkles, jars, and votive holders.  Very chic!   A must for your holiday entertaining!

Vintage colors of aqua, pinks and off white abound in our vintage areas.  Add a little pizazz to your decor this year.  Try setting a table with a lace background, a large pink glittered Santa perched in the middle of a wonderful life like wreath.  Our garlands are vintage style and can be used in trees, mantles, place-settings, and any other area of your home. 

How about a Vintage Christmas? 

We have a limited supply of vintage/old glass ornaments in their original boxes!  Oh, the memories for me.  I can't own enough of boxes of these faded, sometimes chippy old balls.  Buy when you find these or they will be gone!

More Holiday photos coming soon! 
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