Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh my goodness. Wouldn't this just make the most romantic bedroom ever? Every bedroom SHOULD have a fireplace (mine does not but oh how I wish). This is traditional oak with extra trim and a very nice size for any cozy spot in your home. You must see this!

Okay, gals, if you can't have the fireplace how about a woven blanket, throw, duvet cover, or pillows made in the traditions of old? These are so soft.....and warm. Guess you might not need that fireplace after all. I folded these items today and wanted to put my head on the throw and take a nap. You will, too!

Chenille. Still the hottest fabric around. It brings back memories, feels good on your skin, and our color choices are so cool. 



Have you ever had a desire to become Betty Crocker? You can look the part with these home made detailed aprons. Who knew that aprons would make such a comeback? I wear one every day at the shop even though the young whipper snappers don't ever want to wear one. Where do they keep their Kleenex and chocolate? I need my pockets for this.

We've sold several of these x-tra large compasses.......hang above the mantle (see the wonderful mantle above), on a wall. Make a statement with this piece. Did I mention its red? RED!

Find a fun place to go so you can wear this vintage-inspired sweater in beautiful colors. You can make a grand entrance because it has its own crocheted flower placed on the front. This is so cute and its getting lots of attention. We have now ordered this beauty two different times. Several size choices available.

Wonderful vintage inspired scarf

Many new t-shirts just in! These are the softest cloth; the best colors for this season and next, and you can add a scarf or two to jazz them up even more. Jamie says to wear our long sleeved basic tees underneath the glamorous styles for an even trendier look. You will want one, no two.....maybe even three! Great for the holidays and assorted sizes are still available.

Mixed Crosses tee

Vintage lady with "Don't let the smile and pearls fool you"

Walk down the street with this little rose petaled bag and others will swoon. We offer these bags in many colors - all the most popular, of course. The size and price are just right for anyone! Great gift for the upcoming season.

We've used this old black with white knobs sewing chest to hold jewelry and other accessories. This would hold many pieces of jewelry inside or trinkets that have no home, or scarves stacked inside. Try this piece for a bedside table. You can put your lotions and potions and romantic book inside. 

This little desk has a lot of impact for its size. Great for an entry way or a small dressing table for the bedroom or bath. Lots of detail on the legs and the drawer. Just the ooomph needed for so many uses.

When we found these felted bags in so many different colors at market, we knew we had to have them! They look so expensive, but guess what! They are so affordable. Add a touch of pizzazz with our felted flowers in all colors and sizes and pin them on the purses. Great look!
Felt is becoming more popular as the holidays draw near. (Grab one of these felted flowers and pin it on to the bag)

Felted Flowers

These wonderfully painted - made in America - plaques have room for memos, photos and postcards from A Corner Cottage. The colors are subdued and have the ability to look great in any room of the house. A great gift idea for a family member with grandchildren photos used. Your gift will be the hit of the season.

We've combined reds and blacks in handbags and jewelry and scarves. Put them together and you have quite a classy look.
We love it! Black and red - always in style. 

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