Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New for September & October !!

Enter the shop and smell the fall scents in our potpourri and candle mixes.  We are ready with our halloween and fall vignettes.  Come experience the sights and fragrances as we welcome fall.  Lots of decorating ideas are ready for you to place in your own homes. 

Brand new red/black/floral shabby chic plaques, pictures and memo boards -  beautifully done.These are from an artist who calls this line "A Little Bird Told Me".  We could resist after the little birdie told us!

If you have been in lately, you will see that burlap - yes, burlap! - is creeping into all of our displays.  It is so utilitarian that it can be used for anything and everything and that's what we do best!  Come see for yourself. 

 This piece has so much storage you will need it anywhere in your house.  As we took photos I realized that the size would  be just perfect for a kitchen island.  Two large spaces below this unit will hold all sorts of baking goods and canned goods.  Would be nice to store all your dvd's in this unit, too, with the television hung above.   Much needed!

A perky little dressing table w/floral fabric.  Just the perfect size for that teenager's bedroom.


  This mahogany furniture is wonderful and ready to perch in your bedroom with no extra work.  A fine dresser with a wonderfully large mirror sets this piece above the others.  Great buy! 

 Christine just brought in a huge selection of vintage toys and games.  I am enamored with these items and the muted reds, yellows and greens on each.  I don't want to play with them, I just want to look at them!    You should see the tin roller coaster!   More to come! Remember with us.

 Try taking a look at our best selling card line - Suzy Toronto is just funny, obnoxious, and downright crazy.  Reminds you of someone in the shop, doesn't it?

Hot Maple Toddy !!!!  Our number one best selling candle in 10 years.  You must try this one!

Everyone needs a brightly colored flag as a welcome for their home.  We have a good selection for each season. 

 Check out these cool halloween pictures.  Just right for the halloween collectors. These photos use a battery and the eyes of the people light up",  How gross, how inventive, a huge seller! 

 This large metal moon face will look great hanging on the front porch to greet your costumed friends or perched in one of our many beautiful wreaths. 

  Check out this display filled with the very brightest, hottest colors in jewelry and accessories.  Just a joy to look at.  Any kind of scarf is available here and has definitely hit the run ways.  We can't keep them in and even sold them when the weather was hot, hot, hot. 

 A display filled with the very brightest, hottest colors in jewelry and accessories.  

 We just received a wonderful shipment of tee shirts in ladies sizes!  You asked and we listened!  Very up to date styles and designs and scarves and jewelry to match.  You must see these!

We have fabulous sweaters and scarves to go with these tees!! These are a fall must have!

Make a vest out of your scarves!  .  Come in for details and let us show you how.  Great for this season when we must begin to layer our clothing. 
Check it out! 

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