Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Favorites...

   Oh, the wonderfully bright colors of these paintings!  I have a few on my porch and even more in my hallway.  What a statement these make all on their own.  You probaby can't see it from the photos, but each canvas has one word inspirational saying. 

Similar table in light blue, not pictured.

These weren't my Grandma's, but they could be!  Sensational farm tables freshly painted, ready to be used just for you!  I can see my Grandma mixing some batter, cutting up vegetables and folding clothes on these tables.  They show signs of wear, with indentations from a knife, children, pets, whatever.  You could use these outside on a porch - what a greeting this would be on a front porch to welcome your guests.  Fill the top with baskets and boxes of geraniums!  Use as a garden table - wouldn't it be nice just to keep this out just for this purpose, instead of always trekking to the garage to get your stuff?  I would love to have a picnic under a tree with these tables.  Hang one of our chandeliers in a tree above it and celebrate a warm, star covered night.  I'm leaving right now to tackle this idea!  Ha!

I'm old now and I've seen alot of antiques, but I've never seen a green cabinet such as this.  This is in pristine condition and I want it!  I will fight you for it!
This is an original made by Arial Cabinet Co., Peru, IN.  This piece setting in your kitchen/dining area filled with those so-hard-to-store items such as platters, big cookbooks, bit pots.  Lots of room, such a unique look, this piece won't last long.  At home I keep our alcoholic drinks and wine glasses in our Hoosier cabinet.  Looks great and holds lots.   Let the fight begin!

 Our Sandy has found the perfect fireplace for you!  Oak, looks like new,  but isn't, and wonderfully priced.  If you don't have a working fireplace, this is your answer.  Try attaching this to a bedroom wall, put a large basket of florals in front of the opening and decorate the mantel with small pictures and candles and you will be set for romance.  One of  my biggest wishes is to have a bathroom large enough to put a fake fireplace in it.
Do you think if I   bought this mantel Sandy would help me build that dream?

This little white cabinet will look good next to your shabby sofa, next to your bed, used in the laundry room  or bathroom to hold all those little items that have no home.  I even thought about using it to hold all those extra jewels, fake or not, that a jewelry box just can't hold. 

New signs are in!  These are 3 dimensional great signs for gifts or for you.  The colors are more subdued so they blend in with any decor.  They sayd the cutest things - such as "Seek Wisdome" with a 3-d owl in a frame.  Cute, cute, cute!  There are even two different lazy susans decorated with sayings and fun colors that you must have.

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