Sunday, June 5, 2011

New for June. . .

What little child would not want to sit at this desk and feel oh-so-important? Another good idea, use this as an end table next your sofa.......perch a lamp on top and leave your emails from A Corner Cottage on the desk to remind you of us. I just had to say that.

We didn't have one of these desks when I grew up but our Aunt Louis did. I always wanted to sit on it and dial just anyone on that big black, heavy, and ugly telephone. Those were the good old days.

Oh, my Paris! We have not one, not two, but three of these magnificent scrolled leg tables with French notations on each! What a find these tables were..... what a skill it took to add the fabric. Where are you shabby chic lovers?

Closer View 

Closer View 

Super simple, super small, super impact, so cute, white shabby night stand with drawer.

What a great wedding present this would be for the happy couple! Hand painted by one of our own talented painters. Super duper wonderful!

If you catch me taking a nap on this snazzy glider, do not wake me up! I repeat- do NOT wake me up. I have walked around the corner and found customers lying on this glider. If you sit on it just once, mark it, sold for sure. Great color for  those country lovers.

You all know I am absolutely crazy for anything red and anything with cubbies. Okay, take a look at this prized item- a red cubby with drawers with a great price, this could fit anywhere holding your treasures. We live on an old farmstead and since day one our grandchildren have collected their own treasures in our barnyard and fields by digging little holes to see what they would find. We have a a little cubby hanging on the wall filled with all of our precious finds. We make up stories about who used these and where they came from. Why don't you begin a special tradition such as this?

Okay, let's not fight over this most beautifully stained cabinet hutch! Once this picture posts, the fastest person will win! Its all original lots of ornamentation, doesn't have any flaws that I could see, lots of storage for your china, Grandma's passed down pottery or your dining linens. A must have to make your dining area pop! If you don't have a dining room, wouldn't this look so cute in your bathroom with folded towels and accessories? Not that my towels ever get folded and stay that way, but hopefully yours do.

Mirror Mirror on the vanity, who's the fairest of us all? This piece is the best! Lots of storage space for make up and accessories, hair dryer, whatever your heart desires. Nice size that will fit anywhere. Don't be shy, try setting this piece in an entry way: add a lamp, fill the drawers with mittens, scarves and gloves, and of course that all important lipstick to use as you walk out the door. Bet your visitors will be jealous of your new look.

Get out the invitations! Invite your friends over for potluck and watch which chair is used first. I love the warm red color with a flowery patterned fabric on the seat. 

Just a perfect little size to place anywhere. Ideas: next to the bed, in the bathroom, a kids room for doll clothes.

An old window made into a planter with wonderfully red shutters accenting each side. A great piece to hang on the wall giving you the feeling you are looking out the window, even though its topped with mirrors. Take the flowers out and store your mail in the shelf. Test your creative skills by using some of your ideas, too.

What a cute little apple green step stool! Add some little plants on the steps and let this cute greet your visitors at the front door.... collect miniature garden items and place on the steps.

Look at this sweet old green box! We have it filled with geraniums! To get a full view of the box, I closed it to take the picture. What  a great house warming gift, a thank you to a neighbor, or just adorning a dining table.

A tall black plant stand with green leather insert on top. I have several of these at home holding plants. I have one in my guest bathroom holding a glass cake plate. The plate holds make up, soaps, Kleenex, a spare toothbrush and toothpaste for any guest. Try it. Simple and cute!

Every home has place for a butterfly or flower. Our customers have been buying these for years to use on screened porches, bathrooms, kids' rooms. These come in assorted colors and sizes and will hang from ceiling or the walls.

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Meredith said...

We might be stopping by tomorrow. Is the mirrored window planter still in? I'm very interested in the piece. Could you tell the price?