Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Everyone:
I am certainly enjoying the sunny weather.  We've been busy at ACC working on new ideas, vignettes and fairy gardens.  Since our fairy gardens have created such attention, we thought we'd give you an overall idea of their creation.  We have everything you need to create your very own garden, and we are here to help.

Make a Fairy Garden today and watch Fairies Gather around Tomorrow!

Fairy gardens were founded in 1917 by two young English girls who took photographs of fairies in a woods near their home.  The photos eventually became a public sensation, gaining the attention of well known

The fairies remained elusive and are glimpsed by only the girls and because of this they became even more marvelous and mysterious.  Were the photos fake?  If they were, does that mean that fairies aren't real?

Why create a miniature fairy garden?  Fairy gardens create timeless memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether you create a full scale outdoor fairy garden or an indoor miniature fairy scene, fairy gardens are a reminder for you to unleash your inner child and believe in enchanted realms of possibilities.

Come, create with A Corner Cottage.....bask in YOUR childhood fantasies.

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