Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome Spring
Oh do we so welcome spring right now! As the weather changes, many of you are out and about and stopping by to look at our new items. We love finding those necessities for all of you and for us, too.
Big changes have taken place here........our soft, elegant, shabby, country, feel good furniture is here! Our red couch in the window has sure attracted attention and we've been busy steadily taking orders. Remember we have hundreds of fabric combinations to choose from, so take your time, let us help you and redo that room you've been thinking about. Upholstered furniture orders require a 6 week delivery. Our prices are good, less than the manufacturer's suggested retail, and our assistance in decorating is free! Wowsers!!!!!!!

Look and drool:

I taught my Mumbo Jumbo class two weeks ago. It was a dreary, rainy, snowy day and we packed our friends in and laughed for 2 hours.I donate my time and energies to these classes as a benefit to our customers and more classes are being scheduled soon. We do require you to sign up for the classes so call ahead. Watch the blogspot for more information. Thanks to all who participate - I hope you learn alot and I love that many of you are excited enough to try the projects and to share your own wisdom. That's what its all about.

Mark your calenders for our upcoming TREE SPREE!!!

In honor of Arbor Day, April 24, we are giving away Free White Pine Trees! All you have to do is visit us, spend $10 and go home and plant your tree! We know you are going to be working in your yards right now, so plant the tree and think of us!

This offer runs from April 24 - 26 and we are also offering 20% off any item in the store that has a touch of green anywhere on it.,

How fun is this? Just makes us all feel good when we help the environment.
In order to reward our wonderful customers, we have re-instituted our Friend to Friend Discount Cards for your buying pleasure. We will punch the card after each purchase and when you have spent $200,you will receive 20% off your next purchase. We'd like to thank you, our dear friends, for shopping locally, especially during this difficult economic time. Many thanks to all who responded to our call for help about Noblesville's sidewalk and sign restrictions. Changes are being made as we speak - probably not as quickly as I wish, but they are being made. See, it takes a village to run this shop and I can surely count on most of you for help.

May sunshine bless you today! Come visit us! Many thanks, Peggy

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