Monday, May 26, 2008

How things change in our little shop. Look at what we have found for you:

*Linda once again has impressed us by displaying a vintage kitchen cabinet with neat old glasses and plates. Wouldn't this be a great storage piece in your kitchen?

*Now, I have no empty spot in my home that will do this piece justice, but if I did, it would be mine! Nancy has tracked down a wonderfully vintage white buffet, not too big and not too small. You can always tell its a vintage piece by the architectural doo-dads placed on the items. I have never seen a buffet as ornate as this or with an ornate backsplash. This will not be here long as its uses are many - on an enclosed porch, in a bedroom, placed in your entryway. Beautiful!

*Our dearest Sandy.....comes in to give us a laugh or two each time she is in. Then we peruse hew new finds and ooooh and ahhhhhh. Today we are featuring a two glass door cabinet. Its not very big and I could see this hanging in my bathroom holding my unmentionables. Country at its best.

*Monica has been a busy bee, too. Not only is her booth holding some of the prettiest china, both cups, saucers and plates, but she always shows us a bit of whimsey in her selections. Her china definitely sells well- wouldn't some of her plates look pretty perched above your windows? Shabby and romantic! More photos will be available soon of Monica's new venture - a girly girl booth filled with pink, pink and pink! We are excited!

*Our friend Craig, as busy as he is with his new business, Noblesville Antique Mall, still finds the greatest, odd items. Lately his booth has been filled over and over with tables and 4 matching chairs. Because it is so hard to find 4 matching chairs, you have to snatch these fast. He has four glass plates in 4 different colors highlighted in his booth right now. I want to hang these in a plate holder above my fireplace. Use your own imagination for all of his finds.

*Vicki's booth is touting with some new "0ld" stuff. She's brought in some old silver pieces - I see many of these featured in my decorating magzines. She's got an old teapot and a set of silverware still in its storage box. Vicki is a busy lady but she finds the loot - just for you!

*My favorite piece of Joann's is her medium sized country-green pie safe cupboard. This is small enough to fit into a bathroom but large enough to store lots of stuff in your kitchen. You could place a lamp and book on this and let it find its way into your entryway. A very good piece and a great price!

*Lots of small pieces have been added such as small tables, small shelving units and bookcases - all marked under $35. We have found so many accent pieces lately and we are sprucing them and bringing them in just as fast as we can. This week I will be bringing in a vintage shabby white sofa table with architectural accents. I have simply got to quit falling in love with the furniture I am working on! More will follow soon!

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We'll be there soon....was there last weekend and it all was not set up yet....Diane