Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Out with the Old and In with the New!!!

Dear Friends,

We apologize for neglecting our blogspot for so many days. With the Christmas rush and the after Christmas sales, we just lost track of time and our quality time was spent with customers. Thank you to all who helped make our Christmas season successful. We loved seeing and greeting our "old" customers and welcomed so many new friends it just warmed our hearts.

Our worker bees outdid themselves with their customer service this past season - we are so proud to have our lovely ladies - Megan, Joann, Erin, Nina, Nancy, and our handsome young man, Thomas, to enhance the experience of our dear customers. Thank you all for being there to help Marsha and Peggy. We know we couldn't have this shop without you. We would be remiss if we didn't thank all our vendors...their booths remained full of wonderful furniture and accessories and their spirit.

Our Super Sale was once again a huge, fun, free for all! The weekend was wonderful for customers and for us - we cleared the shelves and made room for bunches of new items. Thanks for being understanding when we close for 3 days after our sale to spruce up our place. The shop is clean, dust fee and sparkly now, so come visit us!

In January we also went to a trade show in Atlanta, GA. While we looked and looked for items to WOW our guests, we cannot say that we really found that. However, we are very pleased to have found several new sources for costume jewelry, wall art, pottery, spring items, and many many more of our every day basics which you have come to love. We are putting together many vignettes each day as product arrives and our excitement builds.

What was new at Market? You won't believe it - mushrooms and toads! You must have at least one of each in your home. Mushrooms bring you good luck and toads - well, they just make you smile with their funky attitiudes. Inspriational items maintain their popularity and we bought several new lines. These make great gifts for any home or occasion. Also continuing in popularity - mercury glass in all colors. We have silver in the shop right now and have found we can add it to any display for an extra special punch. Wall words also arrived this show. These haven't been delivered yet, but we are excited as in 2 minutes you can completely change the look of any room in your home. We are all going to love this.

You asked - we listened. We have bought so many new simple country items - you will be pressed to figure out what is old or what is made to look old. (You know how we love to intermingle all of our items together!) These displays will change every few days as new product keeps arriving. You know it's good when open a box and we still "oooooooh and aaaaaaaw!"

We have some very cheerful Easter and Valentine items. Nancy bought the cutest Easter basket stuffers, $3.50 each and sure to please. We even have valentine and Easter candy. Marsha bought baby chicks and ducks and these are must have items. Peggy found spring wreaths and garlands and Joann bought vintage Easter, so we are all set to decorate your homes and fill those baskets. Remember Easter falls early this year (March 23) and we will soon run low on items. Happy Easter to all of you!

We have added 2 new lines of greeting cards that you are going to love. We are swiftly becoming the "place" to buy greeting cards. We are now carring journals, notebooks and many fun paper stuffs.

Looking ahead: our next fun, sure to entertain event - A Corner Cottage Tea Party!!!! We'll be wearing our boas, straw hats, and high heels (well, maybe not high heels) and serving tea and finger sandwiches, crumpets, and various other "tea" goodies and offering many sales and specials. Yes, you will be receiving the dantiest, darling gift from us - just because! Mark your calendars for Feb. 23 - March 1. More information later.

Photos of our new items will be arriving on the blogspot very soon, so keep posted. You are always welcome to call the shop for information on any of the above postings at 317-770-7577 and we'd love for you to stop in and watch our continuous work in progress. We aim to please...we hope you notice.

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